International Paramedic Structure

International Paramedic will be a worldwide network with open opportunity for global participation. International Paramedic will not be an association or organization but an entity defined by its participants on an ongoing basis. The primary goal is to collectively work toward improving the profession and care provided through the connection of thought-leaders, spurring of insightful discussions, the documentation of ideas and concepts and the evolution of revolutionary ways to educate and deploy paramedics worldwide.

Meetings will be open to any member of the paramedic community, including but not limited to; individual paramedics and all other emergency medical responders, their professional and management associations, research organizations and teaching institutions from around the world. International Paramedic shall accomplish this goal through cooperative consensus-building amongst the participants who care to share their voice, time and energies to work toward these efforts in an ongoing, collaborative and constructive way.

Organizational Details

International Paramedic will not have a physical address or headquarters. It will exist solely as a virtual entity through conference calls, webinars and other methods of communication and through its website, Any financial support necessary to maintain these functions will be donated by participants or by organizations that choose to support directly to a purchase or in-kind donations of services (web-hosting, conference call infrastructure, etc.).

There will be no formal organizational structure, staff, and hierarchy of participants or voting protocol. All discussions are open to those who chose to participate and follow the Roberts Rules of Order. The time and date of all meetings will be posted on the website and an agenda will be generated by the Chair of that discussion, identified only by their interest and dedication to commit the time and energy to hosting and guiding the discussion.

If there comes a time when the ability of International Paramedic to be effective convener and advocate of the collective voice requires a more formal management and/or membership structure, the participants will collectively agree upon all necessary matters.

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