Purpose, Goals, Vision

The purpose of International Paramedic is to encourage formal discussion of the format and function of a worldwide discussion of our future. International Paramedic seeks to advocate for the profession convening global leaders and paramedic and medical responder organizations and associations. The intention of the authors of this document is not to prescribe or mandate a structure, but rather to provide a broad vision and general guidelines to initiate meaningful discussions as to how we can build International Paramedic for the utilization of as many interested and willing participants as possible. 

Specifically our goals are:

  • To initiate discussion amongst international communities, teaching institutions and associations for emergency medical services, paramedic and paramedic services, of the potential for international collaboration;

  • To garner the collective voice, enthusiasm and commitment from individual paramedics and medical responders, professional associations, leadership/management associations, research organizations, teaching institutions and the like, in order to construct an international community of paramedic professionals;

  • To create an international communications network for this international community of paramedic and medical responder professionals from around the world to collaborate, learn and share best-practices;

  • To provide a forum where best practices and standards can be accessed and shared in the hopes of moving toward mutual, evidenced-based design, deployment and care of paramedic services around the world;

  • To provide a unifying platform that an international community of practitioners could use to promote and develop the profession; and,

  • To promote the vision of an international resource for the United Nations (UN) and its membership, including the World Health Organization (WHO), governments, relief organizations and others to rely on for paramedic service planning, development, enhancement or medical response information or support when in need, similar toInternational Search and Rescue Advisory Group or the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials – International.

International Paramedic would bring nations together to take full opportunity of the collective experience, knowledge and vision in order to guide the provision of paramedic and other emergency medical responders into the future. The vision of International Paramedic is founded in-part on one of the core principles of the United Nations, “To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion.” The strength of International Paramedic will be this international co-operation between a diverse group of individual providers, administrators, researchers and educators. Every nation no matter how large or small is valued as a potential participant so long as they maintain a desire to improve how emergency care is designed and delivered in the respective countries.

Vision Statement:

International Paramedic is recognized as the international point of contact for paramedic practitioners, leaders, educators and global partners that strive to advance paramedic care throughout the world by improving health and safety within the global community.

Mission Statement:

The mission of International Paramedic is to serve the international community by providing:

  • Unbiased information, direction and support to facilitate the best decisions regarding the provision of paramedic services and emergency medical responders;
  • A singular voice promoting the paramedic and emergency medical responder capabilities and practice, education and research;
  • Knowledge distribution in paramedic and emergency medical services, with a focus on promoting educational activities, scientific conferences and establishing and disseminating new medical knowledge through scientific publishing and peer collaboration.

Objectives of International Paramedic:

  • Act as a global convener of paramedics
  • Serve as a singular voice for paramedic and medical responder practice to international governing bodies, health and relief organizations in order to positively influence global and domestic health policy and practice
  • To provide a location where standards can be accessed and shared from services and nations around the world in the hopes of moving toward mutual, evidenced-based design, deployment and care of paramedic services around the world
  • Contribute to advancement in paramedic and medical responder research throughout the world, including both fundamental professional research aimed at enhancing paramedic services and clinical care to improve clinical outcomes of mankind.
  • Promote international cooperation to develop the profession as an accepted health and public safety profession by establishing intra-professional committees to create education, safety, professional and equipment standards that will benefit the international community.

Keys to Success

  • Acknowledgement and participation from individual paramedics and emergency medical responders, national paramedic, emergency medical service and paramedic service associations, management and leadership groups, academic organizations and groups of all kinds with the common goal of improving health care provided by paramedics and other emergency responders
  • Development and maintenance of a robust internet-based communications platform
  • Development of a communication strategy that connects with all related organizations as well as the individual paramedic and medical responder around the world to help them understand the significance and importance of the mission, vision, values and goals of International Paramedic
  • Gather information that could be beneficial to global partners in making policy, practice and utilization decisions
  • Communication with the United Nations and its councils including but not limited to, the World Health Organization and the International Search and Rescue Advisory Committee, to understand how International Paramedic can best serve this community
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